Customers from large to small furniture factories, door and window manufacturing units, flooring manufacturers, and even DIY hobbyists, have always relied on Fujistar’s experience to provide them with a perfect product for the job on hand.

Our range of solutions works exceedingly well on all surfaces whether softwood like pine, or hardwood like sal and teak. Our range of products includes X and Y cloth-backed abrasives, flexible abrasives in all sorts of backing, discs and sheets created with state-of-the-art proprietary technology.



1. Calibration of wood

During the calibration, raw boards are sanded simultaneously from the top and bottom for achieving a desired thickness, removal of knots and any other defects. For the best user experience, it is important to ensure that the job feed rate, pressure of the sanding pad and the belt joint are optimized. Fujistar products across the whole world are known for their defect-free finish and excellent productivity. You can get rid of possible chatter marks and other defects by using Fujistar heavy-duty cloth-backed Zirconium and Ceramic belts.

2. Intermediate Sanding

Remove any deep scratch marks from calibration and create a smooth surface for sealing and a defect-free final finish with Fujistar.

Grits generally used for intermediate sanding range from 180 – 320. Fujistar provides you with a wide range of options with varying degrees of flexibility to ensure a perfect finish.

3. Hand/Machine Sanding

Typically, hard to reach areas require flexible hand sanding sheets to give you a fully prepared surface. For flat surfaces, you can use Fujigold or Clog-Free with our pneumatic sanders for an extremely smooth and even surface. The Fujistar Woodpecker series is ideally suited for this application. All products come with a special anti-static zinc stearate which repels dust giving a superb finish and a clog-free experience.

4. Polishing

Whether high gloss or matt finish, Fujistar’s polishing solution will meet all your needs. Use a medium density pad with our Buffing compound to get a perfect finish with a gloss of up to 95%.

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