Technical Specifications

  • Bonding – Resin over resin
  • Grain – White Aluminium
  • Coating – None
  • Colour – Gold
  • Grit Range – 800 – 2000
  • Backing – Film
  • Available as – Discs
  • Industry – ART, Woodworking
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Clog-free film abrasives have great flexibility and durability and are designed for robust edgewear. As an abrasive to be used in the polishing process, Clog free removes orange peel and other defects in the polishing process for a smooth and glossy finish. Its smooth surface is formulated with an updated coating and provides a long-lasting sharp cut. These abrasives are high-performance, anti-clogging agents with improved workability and grinding. You can also check the count of these film abrasives without removing them from the pad, making it an immensely efficient abrasive. 


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