Automobile Repair

The profitable economics of automobile repair needs to be conducted in a productive, timely and efficient manner. This would require abrasive products and tools to give operator speed, long abrasive life, good productivity, and the ability to deliver the car on a promised date. Fujistar’s cutting edge technology ensures the first-time-right result for every job, eliminating reworks and hidden costs that eat into a body shop’s profitability.


Fujistar’s full line of coated abrasives and tools provide easy to use solutions for all your repair needs, from paint stripping, feather edging, body filler, primer sanding and polishing.


1. Paint stripping

The first step in the repair process requires the bare metal to be exposed as efficiently as possible. Sankyo has a variety of solutions for this. Depending on the hardness of the paint surface, we recommend the use of an # 80 grit followed by #120 grit. Fujigold and Fujinet are products designed to give you the best user experience. Fuji Gold gives you good value for money, whereas Fujinet is ideal for use where dust extraction is critical. The 24,000 holes on a 150mm disc ensure that 99.5% of the dust is extracted efficiently, giving you a smooth and excellent surface to coat.

2. Feather edging

To create a smooth gradient from the paint stripped area to the rest of the repair area, it is recommended that the stripped area be feather edged on the periphery of the exposed metal. Fujigold, Fujinet and Clog free discs from grits 180-220 have been designed to give you that perfect finish, ensuring proper blending and uniform finish to the damaged area.

3. Body filler sanding

Levelling a body filler can be challenging since curing is impacted by temperature, humidity, the right blending of hardeners among others. Fujigold, Fujinet, and Clog-Free film discs are specially designed to be forgiving, whether it is a fully cured hard surface or a soft semi-cured filled surface. The special semi-open coat ensures that clogging is minimum while achieving a smooth and perfect surface to primer. Use grits 120 through 240 for that well blended, perfect finish.

4. Primer Sanding

To get the best results and a perfect scratch pattern that minimises the use of base coat or topcoat, sanding primer to perfection is critical. Fujigold, and Clog free have been created with select abrasive grains that have been perfectly aligned on the backing, to give you an unmatched surface finish. Use grits 320 and 400 to get that perfectly smooth surface. Finish off with grits 500 or 600 in case of 3 stage pearls or other transparent base coats.

5. Polishing

To get the best gloss effect, deep scratches need to be rectified and polished out. To do so, use either the Buff and Shine Paste or use the Fujistar Heavy Cut liquid compound with Clog-Free grit 1500 to remove defects and watch sand scratches, orange peel and other defects disappear in a jiffy.

To get the final gloss levels up to 95% buff with Fujistar liquid buffing compound, use a medium density foam pad and see the magic of the Fujistar polishing system at work.


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